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Monthly Archives: November 2018

    The #1 Reason to Not Wait Until Spring to Sell Your House

    By Donnel Milam | November 30, 2018

    Many sellers believe that spring is the best time to place their homes on the market because buyer demand traditionally increases at that time of year, but what they don’t realize is that if every homeowner believes the same thing, then that is when they will have the most competition! The #1 Reason to List... Read More

    Wage Increases Make Home Buying More Affordable

    By Admin | November 15, 2018

    Everyone knows that housing affordability has been negatively impacted by rising prices and increasing mortgage rates, but there is another piece to the affordability equation – wages. How much a family earns obviously impacts how easy or difficult it is for them to afford to own a home. Because of an improving economy, wages are... Read More

    How Will Home Sales Measure Up Next Year?

    By Admin | November 1, 2018

    There are many questions about where home sales are headed next year. We have gathered the most reliable sources to help answer this question. Here are our sources: Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) – As the leading advocate for the real estate finance industry, the MBA enables members to successfully deliver fair, sustainable, and responsible real estate... Read More