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5 Great Vacation Traditions

Even if your vacation this year only takes you as far as the backyard, you can make it a memorable one by creating simple yet meaningful traditions. Consider these ideas from the vacation-planning experts at VRBO:

1. Hang a sheet and host a backyard movie night. You can spread out a big blanket for everyone to gather on or arrange a collection of outdoor chairs. Serve appropriate snacks, like popcorn, s’mores and fresh lemonade.

2. Collect memorable quotes. Some of our best vacation memories are the comical and inspirational moments we share together. Start a quote-of-the-day journal, to record the best quips and words of wisdom from various family members. Review it at the end of your vacation or at other times the family gathers, such as the holiday season.

3. Host a potluck. Nothing is better than an outdoor pot-luck dinner, where everyone brings a dish so that no one family member is overburdened with the responsibility of cooking and cleaning. Make sure to involve everyone…even the kids…and have fun sampling everyone’s creative and sometimes crazy concoctions.

4. Planner for a day. Whether you’re on a road trip or staycation, let everyone play a part by getting to take over the itinerary for the day. The designated planner gets to choose the day’s activities, as well as the foods that will be eaten. Giving in to this concept opens up all sorts of possibilities for fun and adventure!

5. Make it an annual occurrence. Whatever vacation traditions you choose, be sure to make them an annual event. This will give the entire family something to look forward to, cherish and pass down through the generations.

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