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Bring in the Natural Light With These Home Features

There’s no substitute for natural light. It makes your home feel more uplifting and energized, which is why it’s usually atop the list of requirements for luxury homebuyers. While tall ceilings and oversized windows are sure to let the sunlight pour in, here are a few features that ensure you’ll have an abundance of natural light each day.

A solarium is like having a greenhouse connected to your home. The walls and ceilings are often designed entirely with glass and are heated by the sun, but can still get comfortably warm on a winter day. They’re ideal for growing plants that require a full day of direct light and provide an idyllic spot to soak up the sun while doing yoga, curling up with a book or just hanging out with the family.

Sunrooms are also usually built with glass walls and ceilings, but unlike a solarium, they’re integrated with your home’s heating and cooling system. A major advantage is that this is more of a four-season room that you can enjoy day or night. However, a sunroom requires high-performance glass to retain heat and air conditioning, otherwise, you’ll likely rack up a hefty energy bill.

An atrium is a space within your home that’s either open-air or covered with a glass ceiling. While relatively rare in private residences, they add a striking element to any interior and allow natural light to flood into the center of the home. Originally, they were designed to increase ventilation in houses and are becoming popular once again thanks to sustainable movements, like biophilic design.

Retractable Glass Walls
Of course, nothing beats a retractable glass wall to let the light pour in. On warm, sunny days, you can easily open it up to let the outdoors inside and bask in nature from the comfort of your living room. Compared to the other options, this is the most practical to add to your home for more natural light without undertaking a major renovation project.

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