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Convenient Decor Items That Pack a Punch

Adding the finishing touches to your interior can feel more complicated than it should be. Stylists know how to hit the sweet spot between bare and cluttered, and it can be hard to capture that same feel in your own home. Thankfully, these stress-free and cost-effective decor items pack a punch and find that perfect decor balance.

New Throw Pillows
Throw pillows can be forgotten about over time. They become a welcome feature for comfort, but using the same colors and textures all year can feel stale and boring. Invest in some new throw pillows for a contrasting pop of color in your decor. Already have some throw pillows you don’t care to part with? Simply add a removable cover to change your look in a less-permanent way.

Faux Greenery
It’s amazing how greenery can tie a room together and add a maturity to your decor. If you want the elevated look of beautiful indoor foliage without the hassle, shop around for your favorite faux plant options. Faux plants have greatly improved in appearance and texture over the last few years, so you may find something to fool even the greenest of thumbs.

Groups of Paired Decor
Whether you’re interested in vases, sculptures or wall art, finding sets of two or three can add a visual cohesion within your space. Vases of varying sizes but identical or similar shapes and colors can add a sophistication and sensation of grounding within the home.

Smartly-Placed Mirrors
You can find mirrors that match any decor style. Not only do mirrors elevate your decor, but a well-positioned mirror can enhance the natural light in your space and make your room feel bigger.

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