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How to De-Stress in Stressful Times

A certain amount of stress from time to time is to be expected given the demands of work and family. However, the type of stress that is triggered by outside events beyond our control can be much more difficult to manage compared to everyday stressors. Here are a few strategies for staying calm when the world around you is anything but.

Be more selective on social media. While social media sites are an important way of staying informed, waking up to a news-feed of alarming news and extreme opinions can be unsettling to say the least. If scrolling through your social feeds changes your mood for the worse, unfollow accounts or block contacts that trigger negative emotions. Instead, try following positive-news sources, your favorite comedians, nature or animal accounts, or inspirational leaders. This will help give you a break from the current stress around you.

Spread some good will. One secret to reducing your own stress, is to be there for someone else. Sharing simple words of support and inspiration as well as random acts of kindness with everyone from your family to your coworkers to the pizza delivery guy, not only brightens someone else’s day, it creates an important sense of calm and connection for you. Of course, you could take this strategy a step further by volunteering in your community. Remembering that you’re not alone in a stressful situation is one of the best ways to maintain perspective and balance.

Be thankful. When the world around us is troubling and we’ve been dealt some difficult blows, it may seem impossible to feel a sense of appreciation. However, research proves that taking time each day to remember what we have to be thankful for is key to boosting your mood and putting you in a better frame of mind. All you need is a notepad or journal, or take it a step further and download an app that will help keep you accountable to your daily gratitude practice.

Get moving. The powerful endorphins that come with exercise cannot be underestimated. And thanks to our acclimation to the world of video conferences, you can get your daily dose of movement right in your own home with virtual fitness classes. What’s essential to remember is that you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to get the mood-boosting benefits of exercise. A simple walk will do the trick!

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