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How to Design a Modern Home Office

How to Design a Modern Home Office

The home office has changed considerably in recent years. While it’s quite common to see a traditional study designed with rich millwork and dark furnishings, those who work from home day-in and day-out might find themselves looking for a more up-to-date look. If this sounds like you, here are a few tips for creating a home office that feels fresh and modern.

Make it Minimalist
Start by removing any clutter from your workspace. From the pens and paper clips piled up on your desk to the stacks of paper on the shelves, try to create an environment that has only the essentials for your workday. A minimalist aesthetic can change the energy of the room and help to keep things more organized, as well as make it easier to stay focused.

Up the Energy
If dark wood panels and beamed ceilings aren’t your idea of an energized workspace, try brightening the room up a bit with a pop of color. Even a light-stained wood can feel a bit more uplifting and lend a modern appearance. Natural light will also help to transform your office, so do away with the heavy window treatments and let the light pour in.

Update the Décor
There’s nothing wrong with a grand mahogany desk and plush leather chair, but if you want a more streamlined look, there are plenty of other options to choose from without having to compromise comfort. For an office refresh, try going with furniture that has clean lines and modern flair.

Bring in the Plants
Who doesn’t love having a few plants in their office? It’s an easy way to liven things up and create a relaxing environment to get your work done. Whether it’s a few succulents on your desk or a fiddle leaf fig by the window, incorporating a touch of nature into your design will bring your workspace to life.


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