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Neighborhood Superhero

My husband and I were driving through the neighborhood on our way home Saturday afternoon.  My eye spotted an impressive “Fresh Lemonade” sign.  We couldn’t pass an opportunity to support  young entrepreneurs, so we turned the car around and headed back to get a 50 cent cup of refreshing lemonade.  When we pulled up there sat two young boys with their father, mother and the family dog. The young boys were delightful and enthusiastic to make a sale. Another car pulled up while we were talking to the boys and guess who got out of the car….SuperMan!!!  I think the boys were pretty excited having a SuperHero stop by to restore his superpowers with their homemade beverage.  As we talked to Superman, we found out he had made a visit to a young boy named Job.  Job lived in the same neighborhood and was very ill.  Job had been granted one of his wishes, to have his Superhero visit him. Superman made many wishes come true that afternoon.  On our drive home I was so grateful that we took the time to stop and get lemonade.  A Superhero of the neighborhood had touched so many lives that day, as well as my own.  We never know how in a brief moment, we can change someone’s life. Maybe we should dust off our Superhero capes, put them on and take a walk through the neighborhood.  Who knows… maybe we could help make someone’s day a little brighter.  Are you a Neighborhood Superhero?







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Lori Loesch

Lori Loesch is our creative and joyful longtime Nashville resident. She has had a fascinating career that includes sales management, real estate, marketing, design and publishing. Lori is detail oriented and enjoys challenges and learning new skills. As a people person, she thrives on encouraging and helping others. Lori never meets a stranger and that is a wonderful skill to have in the real estate market. Lori joined The Milam Group in 2017 as the Marketing/Listing Coordinator. Her ability to design artwork, develop and implement marketing strategies, along with her curious spirit in the ever-changing world of social media, gives her an edge to make her the best Marketing Coordinator on the planet. “I enjoy going to work...not everyone can say that. Working at The Milam Group lets me be creative every day…and I love it!!! In the process, I get to help people and develop wonderful lasting relationships while working with an outstanding team of real estate professionals. I am truly blessed.” Lori was born in the Midwest, but spent her formative years in Florida. She and her musician husband, Joe have lived in Nashville for over 25 years. In her spare time, you will find Lori spending time with her family, working outside and involved with activities at her church. She is an accomplished inspirational artist and her artwork can be seen at

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