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    Rise to the Top of the Pool by Selling Your House Today

    By Admin | April 29, 2020

    With the release of the latest Economic Pulse Flash Survey from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), results show that people selling their houses today are holding strong on price. According to the most recent data, 74% of real estate agents noted that sellers are not dropping listing prices to attract more buyers. Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at NAR, noted:  “The housing market... Read More

    What Impact Might COVID-19 Have on Home Values?

    By Admin | April 27, 2020

    A big challenge facing the housing industry is determining what impact the current pandemic may have on home values. Some buyers are hoping for major price reductions because the health crisis is straining the economy. The price of any item, however, is determined by supply and demand, which is how many items are available in relation to... Read More

    How Technology Is Enabling the Real Estate Process

    By Admin | April 13, 2020

    Today’s everyday reality is pretty different than it looked just a few weeks ago. We’re learning how to do a lot of things in new ways, from how we work remotely to how we engage with our friends and neighbors. Almost everything right now is shifting to a virtual format. One of the big changes... Read More

    Why Home Office Space Is More Desirable Than Ever

    By Admin | April 13, 2020

    For years, we’ve all heard about the most desirable home features buyers are looking for, from upgraded kitchens to remodeled bathrooms, master suites, and more. The latest on the hotlist, however, might surprise you: home offices. In a recent article by George Ratiu, Senior Economist with, he notes how listings with an office are selling quickly: “As more companies... Read More

    The #1 Thing You Can Do Now to Position Yourself to Buy a Home This Year

    By Admin | April 7, 2020

    The last few weeks and months have caused a major health crisis throughout the world, leading to a pause in the U.S. economy as businesses and consumers work to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The rapid spread of the virus has been compared to prior pandemics and outbreaks not seen in many years. It... Read More

    Is it Time for You to Downsize?

    By Admin | March 18, 2020

    Donnel Milam Certified Luxury Marketing Specialist The Milam Group at Fridrich & Clark Realty 5200 Maryland Way, Ste.101 Brentwood, TN 37027 Office Phone: (615) 263-4800 Mobile Phone: (615) 400-4211 TN License # 283981 Email Me Read More

    Make Your Home a Center of Wellness

    By Admin | March 3, 2020

    Massages are lovely and a personal chef can ensure you eat a healthy menu. But, say yoga masters, nutritionists and trainers, it isn’t difficult or nearly as expensive to create a wellness oasis at home. As consumers place more value on health and wellness, try these seven tips for transforming your home into a place... Read More

    House Hunting Advice for Future Buyer

    By Admin | February 26, 2020

    Sure, there are plenty of people ready to offer you advice and share stories of their home-buying experience, but you’ll need to make the final call on everything, and that often means thinking with your head and not your heart. Here are some things that you should consider when in the process of house hunting.... Read More

    The Dangers of Setting Your Asking Price Too High

    By Admin | February 26, 2020

    The Dangers of Setting Your Asking Price Too High If you plan to sell your house, you may be focused on getting as much money as possible to purchase a larger home or to save money for retirement or your children’s college education. Be careful not to make the mistake of setting your list price... Read More

    Should You Have Your House Professionally Cleaned Before Listing It?

    By Admin | February 17, 2020

    When prospective buyers look at a home, they form an impression within seconds. If that initial impression is a negative one, it can be difficult or impossible to overcome. Getting your home professionally cleaned before you list it can help you make sure buyers will see it in the best possible light. Why Having a... Read More