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The Best Colors to Add New Life to Your Front Porch

The Best Colors to Add New Life to Your Front Porch

Your front porch is your home’s calling card, setting the stage for presenting the rest of your house in its best light, and creating a memorable welcome for visitors. That’s why choosing the right decor and, more importantly, the right paint color is a critical step.

According to interior design experts, the best place to start when selecting a front porch paint color is by evaluating your landscaping, looking for colors that complement your grass, trees, shrubs and flowers. Also take into consideration any architectural elements that will come into play, such as brick, stonework, metal gutters and roof details. Any color you choose needs to work well with these various fixed elements.

Color experts also advise taking into consideration your home’s exposure. For example, a front porch with southern exposure would be better suited to paler shades of paint, while the lighting from a northern exposure accentuates the cooler tones in a color.

Here are some suggested paint colors to consider:

A muted shade of green will tie into the greenery surrounding your home to create a pleasing cohesive look, without detracting from your landscaping.

A deep blue paint will bring a sleek sense of style to your front porch, making your home stand out from the street.

A warm blue will help offset a stand-out yard and garden. Look for colors that are reminiscent of summer skies.

An off-white shade is always dependable and brings a crisp, fresh look to your home. Look for a warm but neutral hue that blends nicely with your home’s overall exterior.

A silver shade of grey brings a sophisticated look to your front porch and helps highlight its architectural features. It also works well with just about any exterior color.

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