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What You Need to Know About Moving With a Portable Container

As portable moving containers grow in popularity, it may seem like a great option for your needs. You get to bypass the tight schedule associated with moving trucks and are instead able to pack in small bursts at your own convenience. Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking about moving with a portable container.

The Renting Process
Though moving containers are getting more popular, they may not be as readily available as the traditional moving truck. Before making the commitment to renting a portable moving container, be sure to find a service that operates in your area and the area that you’re moving to. You also need to be sure that the area the container will get dropped off, and the area where you will be taking the container, is approved. Your street, homeowners association or your city in either location may have specific regulations.

Asses Your Needs
The flexibility a portable moving container provides may be a big advantage, but you will still need a timetable for your move. Determine how long you will need the container according to your schedule. Just like with a traditional moving truck, you will also need to deduce how many items you need to move and how big your container must be. If you’re in-between two size options, always overestimate to ensure you can fit all your belongings.

Pack Appropriately
When your container is on solid ground, you may be tempted to pack it just like a traditional storage unit. Remember that your storage container will be transported and should be packed accordingly. Distribute the weight evenly, use pads or moving blankets to protect furniture that can be scratched and pack fragile items on top of heavier, more stable items. Give yourself easy access to important items by keeping them in the front of the container. As with any move, keep your vital paperwork, overnight items and especially valuable heirlooms with you for extra security.

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